Health Benefits of Surfing

Surfing is an exciting and fun-filled activity that gives you an opportunity to enjoy outdoors, bond with your friends and meet new people. It’s actually one of the few sea activities that can improve your confidence while the beautiful nature of the sea. Aside from it being an adventurous activity that’s enjoyed by many folks around the world, surfing also has plenty of significant health benefits as well. It helps in relieving stress, lifting your mood, and improves your cardiovascular health while keeping your body fit. In this article, we have put together a list of 7 health benefits of surfing that will hopefully make you include the activity on your next vacation’s things to do list. 

1. Surfing is a Great Way to Relieve Stress

We all experience stress during our daily lives either at work or at home. Stress can be brought about by losing a job, having a sick loved one, losing your partner or even due to financial problems. When you have it, it can make your life miserable and some people even end up taking their lives. But you don’t have to live a miserable life due to stress when there are countless ways to relieve it, and one of them is surfing. It has been proven that swimming or spending some time in the water can greatly reduce your stress levels especially due to the endorphins that you release, which puts you in a calmer mood. The beauty of the sea life you will be exposed to while snorkeling or surfing makes you have a relaxed feeling. 

2. Improves Awareness and Concentration 

This is another top benefit of surfing. It plays an important role in increasing your attention, awareness, and concentration. This is because, in order to surf, you must be very attentive careful and entirely focused. In fact, a small mistake while you’re surfing can result in a big problem. You must pay attention to and take caution of what is going around you including sea waves, and even the kind of objects you encounter. In the process, you’ll be focused and have increased awareness and concentration. 

3. Surfing is Good for Your Cardiovascular Health

Surfing is a great way to promote your heart health. This is due to that fact that the activity increases your pulse rate, while also strengthening the heart muscle. Any activity that strengthens the heart muscle and increases heart rate can decrease the potential risk for heart problems such as hypertension. keeping your heart active will also lowering the possibilities of heart failure and atherosclerosis. 

4. Improves Your Flexibility

Since you are constantly twisting and turning your body when paddling, the activity allows your movements to be in wide range every time. If you have any type of body stiffness, it can easily be relieved by the movements associated with surfing. The power of waves will toss your body in different directions improving your flexibility and mobility.

5. Surfing Exercises your muscles and Keeps you Fit

Surfing is a great way to exercise and strengthen your muscles. The best thing about it is that it exercises several groups of muscles at the same time such as hamstrings, quad, shoulders, abs and more. This is because water creates a resistance that demands a lot of energy and effort in order to move. In the process, your body will stay fit and healthy.

6. Surfing Improves Back Strength

These days, most of us find ourselves seated in front of a computer without realizing that we are hurting our backs. Your spine needs really strong muscles in order to be flexible and healthy and you can make these muscles stronger by surfing. Paddling and jumping up on the surfing board help make the muscles of your back strong!

7. Surfing Can Lead to Better Sleep

Sleep disorders are some of the challenges many people face today. Not having enough sleep can lead to poor performance both at work and school. Sleep deprivation can also lead to other health problems such as stress and depression. If you have trouble sleeping, try working out or tiring yourself out and you will sleep like a baby. Surfing is one great way of working your body out to improve your sleep patterns. It increases your adrenaline levels and heart rate, tiring your body which leads to better sleep when you get to bed.

Hopefully, you will consider surfing in your exercise regiment or maybe during vacations to tropical areas. Whether to get better at it or to first understand more about it, it may be helpful to observe from the beach. Sometimes, the surfers and the waves may be a good distance away from the beach. If so, you’ll need some assistance in seeing the action in better detail. Check out these best binocular reviews to get one to help you become a better surfer.