Butterfly Table Tennis Equipment

Table tennis is one of the most exciting hobbies and there is a lot of reasons to think so. It engages two or more parties, which is cool when having a barbecue party with your friends. It sparks competition, and spikes adrenaline levels, making your body enjoy each moment of playing. Moreover, it implies a lot of movement and thinking. which helps you keep in a good shape. Table tennis is played both for recreational and professional purpose. It is an extremely dynamic sport, with mind-blowing ball spins and crazy shots that can be tried by everyone, who has a paddle at hand and a good ping pong table. To take the maximum dose of adrenaline and excitement from the play, you have to make sure that you have a table of the highest quality and a reliable equipment designed according to all standards.

Today, the global table tennis equipment market offers a diversified range of products, featuring outdoor, professional and home tables, various types of paddles, and numerous accessories that level up the quality and atmosphere of the game. The companies providing the stuff are also a lot, but only few of them can be completely trusted and given credit when purchasing some table tennis equipment. One that stands out from the pack, is Butterfly, which gives all reasons to gain the best table tennis experience in your life.

About Butterfly

Butterfly is a full-fledged online shop and a table tennis platform, selling a plethora of useful and interesting equipment for ping pong, of the best quality, and at a competitive price, including: tables, rackets, balls, apparel, and accessories. The retailer enjoys high ratings from clients, and positive reviews from those who already tried in action the purchased items. Also, the site keeps you updated with the future tournaments, organizes ping pong camps, and guides you through a list of top performing table tennis clubs.

Table Tennis Tables

Butterfly features professional, home and outdoor tables. All of them are produced of durable and reliable materials that are shock and weather resistant and facilitate a vivid bounce of the ball. The tables are designed to encourage a high-performance and enjoyable play, with a strong consideration to innovation, compactness and safety.
Tables made for professional training and official competitions are designed in a way to generate a swift bounce of the ball, have a highly responsive surface, and a well-adjusted net system. Altogether, it is aimed to stimulate a speedy exchange of shots and an extreme and interest-sparking playing atmosphere.
Those who look for a table for recreational activities, can choose between indoor and outdoor options. If you want to install a ping pong table in your house, you can opt for an indoor table that is storage-friendly. You can save much space due to the easy fold mechanism, which allows to fold the table in half and store it compactly in a narrow corner of the room without bothering too much. Also, the table is lightweight, so it can be carried even by a child.
The same goes with the outdoor tables. These ones, though, have some additional features. Since they are exposed to weather and other outdoor elements, they are made of extra durable layers to provide shock resistance and withstand heat and rain. Also, the tables have adjusting mechanisms for uneven outdoor surfaces. When you move it on the field, you can adjust the height of each leg, so that it gains a perfectly horizontal and stable position. Moreover, the position is stabilized with the breaks that are attached to the legs’ wheels. The engineers, also, considered children’s safety, endowing each table with corner protection pads.

Paddles and Accessories

Butterfly sells a range of ping pong paddles that boast a perfect contact with the ball, conveying it extreme spins, and generating high precision. The blades have a streamlined shape that allows to take a firm grip, and perform shots with great confidence. Depending on your playing style, you can choose between defense paddles, attack blades and all-round paddles, which are successful everywhere.
The shop features, also, a wide selection of table tennis accessories that will transform you into a real professional player. You can get a wonderful sport look, by purchasing thematic apparel, like; shirts, shorts and socks, fancy footwear, slick hand towels, bags, as well as sporty water bottles.  Also, if you want to know what to specifically buy, read this article by Pingthatpong.
Whether you play table tennis for fun, or are a professional player pursuing big career results, you must consider Butterfly shop for getting the highest quality and top performing equipment.